30KVA three phase inverter
30KVA Three-Phase On-Line UPS / Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Charger
EXW Price : US$3800.00
Model : GAIA-TPI-30K
Nominal Input Voltage : 380V±20%
Nominal DC Voltage : DC 192V (Battery)
Charging Current : 2A-20A (Adjustable)
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DSP(Digital Signal Processor)technology and special IC used, it keeps UPS with perfect performance.

Advanced IGBT(Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor)with high speed switch, high voltage, large current, makes efficiency higher, driver circuit smaller, and improve the system efficiency and reliability.

100% Unbalance load capability. 3phase independent modulation, full bridge Inverter designed, it can be 100% unbalance load in 3phase.

Rectifier/Charger Integrated design, charging capacity is configured according with battery, user can set up parameters with operation platform, and charging current can be configured by software automatically, also can configure battery self-test, charging/discharging interval time, and keep battery long life.

Functional LCD display Large LCD display, it can show UPS running status, running progress, UPS parameter data, fault events, etc.

Perfect protection With various system protection. As over voltage, low voltage, over current, over load, short circuit, etc can be detected, and supply reliable protection.

Application: Finance, Telecom, Insurance, Traffic, Taxation, Military, Security, Energy, Education, Government, Industry, etc.

High Efficiency
Pure Ture Sine Wave
Power ON/OFF Switch
LCD multi-function Display Panel
On-line Interactive Type Technology

Double CPU Direct Digital Signal


Intelligent Short-circuit Protection


Malfunction Automatic Check

And Alarm

Low Noise
Battery Low Voltage Protection
Over Voltage Protection
Over Load Protection
Over Temperature Protection
Short Circuit Shutdown
AC receptacles Optional



Instruction Manual
Free 1 Year Tech Support
1 Year Warranty Parts and Labor
Technical Specification
Rated Cpapcity
AC Input
Nominal Voltage
AC 380V ± 20%
Nominal Frequency
50Hz / 60Hz ( ± 5% )
Number of Phases


Three-Phase Four-Lline+GND

DC System
Nominal DC Voltage
DC 192V
Floating Voltage
DC 224V
Cut-off Voltage DC 168V
Charging Current 2A-20A (Adjustable)
AC Output
Full Load Efficiency 90%
Number of Phases


Three-Phase Four-Line+GND

Nominal Voltage AC 380V±1%
Nominal Frequency 50Hz / 60Hz ± 0.5%
Power Factor 0.8 (Lagging)
Output Wave Form Pure Sine Wave
Total Harmonic Distortion

Pure Load <3%,

Nonlinear Load <5%

Dynamic Load Voltage Transient 0-100% Jump ±5%
Transient Recovery Time 2ms
Unbalance Voltage < ±5%, ±1% (Balanced Load Voltage)
Overload Capacity

110% 30s

120% 2s

Communication Interface RS232 Optional
Running Temperature -15℃~45℃
Relative Humidity 10%-90%
Running Height

<1000 meters

Max. Height is 4000 meters

Cooling Method Forced-Draft
Noise(dB) 53-65
Weight (Kg) 120kg
Dimensions (mm) 592×344×923 mm
Operating Mode and Principle : On-line interactive type power supply static bypass switch (uninterruptable switching), double-conversion digital technology, output power supply safety isolation