2000w solar power system
2000 watts Solar Power System
EXW Price : US $1039.99
Model : GAIA-SPS-2000
Solar Panels : 1200W
Output Wave Form : Modified Sine Wave
AC Output Optional : 100V/110V/120V/220V/230V/240V
Shipping : Inquiry

The solar energy is the most important basic energy in all kinds of renewable energy. By the transforming equipment, the solar radiant energy is transformed into electrical energy for using. It belongs to the technology of solar energy power generation. The transforming equipment usually deals with photoelectricity transformation using the principle of semiconductor photovoltaic effects. Therefore it is called solar energy photovoltaic technology.

We can design the system as you need ,not only the stand alone system ,but also the grid connected system. Any question about solar power system,please contact us at any time.

Technical Data
Solar Panels 1200W
Maintenance-free Battery (Suggested) 300AH/24V
Installation Method


Provide Drawings

Working Days

When Its Overcast or Rainy

3 Rainy Days
You also can choose other types solar panels,that depends on the dimensions of the place where you want to set the solar panels.
Solar Power System design is based on the longitude latitude and weather,please learn more about the weather in your local.

A. Simplified design considering to local conditions;

B. Choose common accessories to pursued the best cost-performance ratio;

C. Easy control, easy operate and easy repair.

Main Parts
150w solar panels

Solar Panels : 1200Wp

Quantity : 8 PCS

Type : DT550P

2000w solar box (power inverter with charge controller)

Solar Power Box : 2000W

Quantity : 1 PCS

Type :GAIA-BOX2000